“PLASM Testnet Accounts”

Instructions to use Kwikswap on PLASM Testnet.

Steps to follow:

Kwikstarter IDO Share Allocations

KWIK holders who wish to participate in upcoming IDOs will be required to stake their KWIK tokens to register for an upcoming sale. Once a KWIK staker completes a purchase, their KWIK will be locked in the staking pool for 30 days. Staking will be available directly on kwikstarter.org when it launches. The number of KWIK staked will determine the tier eligibility. For more information on our tier structure, please read our recent article HERE.

How Does the Pool Weight Affect My Allocation?

Pool weight represents the number of “shares” each eligible KWIK staker will be able to contribute to a presale. The individual pool weight of all…

Kwikswap x Vabble AMA Session Recap

11am UTC | 15/06/2021 | Kwikstarter.org

Dylan | Kwikswap Community Manager

Hello there. Everyone this is James and Michael — CEO and COO of Vabble. Let me start by thanking you for taking the time out of your busy day to join us here. Can you both start by providing a little introduction of yourselves to our community?

James || Vabble Founder

It’s a pleasure thanks for having us!

James || Vabble Founder


James || Vabble Founder

Starting with a brief introduction of the team:

I’m James, CEO. Previously to Vabble I was a sales manager for Vodafone, Specifically…

Here are the detailed steps in order to participate in the upcoming IDO on the Kwikstarter Launchpad!

Thank you for all the support we have received from the community for the upcoming first IDO on Kwikstarter. Here is a detailed explanation of the process to participate.

The whitelisting process for the public launch of our token is now live.


Vabble IDO Details

Whitelisting steps

In order to get whitelisted and qualify for Vabble IDO on Kwikstarter, you need to…

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: We have enabled only staking of the tier levels below for this release, future iterations will allow for any sized staking. Remember you also earn 12% APY on staked KWIK Tokens.

Video Tutorial of how to stake $KWIK https://youtu.be/rS5XBZ7ndps

Step 1- Do you have KWIK BEP-20 Tokens?

Yes- go to Step 3

No- Go to step 2

Step 2. There are two ways you can swap or obtain KWIK BEP-20 Tokens

Option 1 - Use the below link to migrate your KWIK ERC-20 to KWIK BEP-20

Cross chain bridge for ERC-20-BEP-20

Part 1- Import token — Paste KWIK ERC-20 Contract


Key Points:

We are excited to announce the outcome and details of the KWIK token launch. Contributors were able to participate through token events on our website and also through MantraDao’s Zendit and CyberFi’s Samuarai IDO Launchpads.

Kwikswap is a Multi Cross Chain Swap Protocol with Layer 2 Scaling powered by Ethereum, Polkadot, Plasm, Reef Chain, BSC & Acala Network. KwikSwap is a decentralised protocol built primarily on the Ethereum Network.

KwikSwap allows the creation of token markets, own KWIK token, Non-Custodial wallet connection, no need for…

Kwikswap Protocol $KWIK Token can now be traded on the following DEX’s

At the time of writing this post, we have only ~5.25M $KWIK Tokens in circulation. This is only a ~$1M Market Cap currently, get some KWIK!

We are preparing to list on a top CEX in the coming weeks as we prepare this KWIK Medium post.

ERC-20 CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x286c0936c7eaf6651099ab5dab9ee5a6cb5d229d


Here are the links to trade directly on exchanges:

Kwikswap DEX: https://app.kwikswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x286c0936c7eaf6651099ab5dab9ee5a6cb5d229d

Uniswap DEX: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x286c0936c7eaf6651099ab5dab9ee5a6cb5d229d

Pancakeswap DEX: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x20Ba4C166EdC1422164dF84cd9192fDd8ddE122f

Bilaxy CEX: https://bilaxy.com/trade/KWIK_ETH

Cross chain bridge for ERC-20-BEP-20


Kwikswap is a revolutionary Multi Cross Chain Swap Protocol with Layer 2 Scaling powered by Ethereum, Polkadot, Plasm, Reef Chain, BSC & Acala Network. We believe Polkadot will experience massive growth after launch, as well as Reef and other networks. It’s not only the year of the IDO Launchpads, it’s the year of the chains.

What an amazing ride it’s been so far! We look forward to exceeding on the roadmap milestones to which we’ve committed, whilst also adding some other functionality and blockchains to Kwikswap’s already strong arsenal. You will find that this article contains many thankyous (feel free to count them if you like!) and multiple celebratory drink IOUs!

Firstly, the Kwikswap team would like to thank the huge supporter base rallying on our online social communities via Twitter and Telegram. …

🔥Reef welcomes Kwikswap to build on Reef Chain

Reef is delighted to welcome Kwikswap into its growing ecosystem, as it becomes the first project to build on the Reef Chain. Kwikswap is a prominent building block of Layer 2 DeFi with a lightning fast decentralised swap exchange protocol.

Much like Uniswap, KwikSwap enables other developers to build on its API’s and dApp UI and source code which can assist in extending the reach of the protocol. …

We are super excited to be working with the Plasm team!


KwikSwap is a decentralised Protocol with layer 2 scaling for Swap, Adding Liquidity and Market Creation. Stake KSWAP for 12% APY and fee share!

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