Vulture Peak IDO whitelist is now open for Kwikstarter — Get in quick!

Kwikstarter is excited to announce that we will be launching an IDO for Vulture Peak that is scheduled for 12th Febuary 10am UTC

Here are the detailed steps in order to participate in the upcoming IDO on the Kwikstarter Launchpad!

Our next upcoming IDO on Kwikstarter is VPK. Here is a detailed explanation of the process to participate.


· IDO date: Febuary 12th 10am UTC, 2022

· TGE date: 15/16th February (TBD)

· Price per VPK token: $0.35 USD

· IDO Size: $50,000 USD available through the Kwikstarter, this equates to 142,857 VPK

· Token Vesting: 15% at TGE — thereafter 21.25% per month (4 months)

· Token address: TBA

· Claiming/Date: , Date TBA

· Contribute: with Polygon(Matic)

Whitelisting steps

In order to get whitelisted and qualify for VPK IDO on Kwikstarter, you need to complete the whitelisting form.

The form is available at the link below.

You will need to complete the following tasks and actions to fulfill the whitelist form requirements:

· Polygon(Matic) wallet address you are staking from on our Kwikstarter Staking platform

· Your BSC Wallet address where you will receive / claim your $VPK Token from (we recommend Metamask)

· Telegram username

· Join the VPK Telegram channel

· Follow VPK on Twitter

· Follow Kwikstarter on Twitter

· Send an original tweet from your twitter account including the following hashtags: #KWIKSTARTER and #VPK. Note that replying to any of VPK tweets will not be considered.

· Copy and paste the link to your original tweet into the whitelist.

· Complete all the steps and submit the whitelist form

Important information

All whitelist entries will be verified to ensure they have followed the requirements. The process will eliminate double entries, bot entries as well as any entry that has skipped steps or missed directions. Therefore, make sure your entry is in order before submitting the form.

Approved candidates will then need to get their Polygon (Matic) wallet ready to take part in the IDO! Please note, you will need to purchase in Polygon (Matic) and provide your claiming / receiving wallet (the wallet you will receive your $VPK Tokens to), in the initial whitelisting form.


· VPK team members of will never DM you regarding anything

· $VPK token will only be available after the IDO on the announced platforms. Avoid buying from third-party sites.

Join the available channels to stay informed about any announcements regarding the IDO and the $VPK token.

About Vulture Peak

Vulture Peak is a pioneering Launchpad and an Investment fund focusing on blockchain games, NFTs, metaverse, DeFi, and other developments in the blockchain space.It aspires to empower everyone with investing power and provide equal opportunities to all to participate in IDOs and invest in the early stages of the project. Unlike other launchpads, the overall process to participate in IDOs is now made much easier and straightforward. The participants only have to deposit a minimum amount of Vulture Peak tokens to get whitelisted for IDOs and it requires no staking or locking up of tokens. It is on a First Come First Served basisVulture Peak will also gradually explore into Gamification of the platform and incorporate Vultureverse in its platform over time.

Watch our socials and VPK for more information.
To keep updated with the latest developments, connect with us on:

Website | Twitter | Telegram




KwikSwap is a decentralised Protocol with layer 2 scaling for Swap, Adding Liquidity and Market Creation. Stake KSWAP for 12% APY and fee share!

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KwikSwap is a decentralised Protocol with layer 2 scaling for Swap, Adding Liquidity and Market Creation. Stake KSWAP for 12% APY and fee share!

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