• We have been working on KWIKSWAP Layer 2 lately so that our users can enjoy a better Decentralised experience with lower gas fees and faster and greater Transactions throughput.
  • KWIKSWAP is working closely with the PLASM Team on deploy our DEX on the Dusty Testnet, But due to the current update of Substrate 3.0, this is slightly delayed.
  • PLASM are also now updating their Testnet and working super hard to make this all possible as soon as they can.
  • There are also some other WEB 3 updates which are under implementation by PLASM Team. These updates in PLASM Network will allow users to manage assets on Cross-chain networks by creating a technical process for managing all your assets in Polkadot.
  • We’ve delayed our Dusty testnet Launch because many updates by Substrate. So for the time being we need to wait for these processes to be updated.
  • In the meanwhile we’re going to expand our DEX to other Parachain Networks also, namely Acala Network.
  • ACALA is another amazing Polkadot Parachain, which we believe have a lot of potential and the PLASM team is also working closely with ACALA!
  • We’re Testing ACALA Blockchain & very soon our DEX will be live on ACALA Mandala Testnet. This will be a great step towards our V2 solution.
  • We will be the first DEX Implemented Layer 2's in Polkadot parachain if all goes to plan!
  • ACALA offers many exciting new Features including Stable Coins, Liquidity Staking, Fixed & Recurring Payments and Native Tokens for Gas fee and other many more interesting features to come in the pipeline.
  • KWIKSWAP will use both Blockchains for a better user Experience on KwikSwap V2!
  • We cannot wait until our users will be able to enjoy all the new features.
  • We’re using ACALA Mandala Testnet TC-6 for Testnet: Tokens and Assets in testnet do not have any real value. But this will allow users to manage and check all the possibilities and new features and create a unique opportunity for the product team to have a feedback loop with you our users.
  • Users can Bind their Ethereum EVM account with Substrate for cross chain compatibility. User don’t need to worry about shifting assets to a new blockchain or anything like that.
  • ACALA Blockchain fully supports Ethereum Solidity ( EVM ) Contracts.
  • The KWIKSWAP Team will work closely with the ACALA Network Dev team for deploying and testing our KwikSwap DEX.
  • Our DEX should be LIVE on Testnet in around 10 days so that users can test and explore the features on ACALA Blockchain.



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KwikSwap is a decentralised Protocol with layer 2 scaling for Swap, Adding Liquidity and Market Creation. Stake KSWAP for 12% APY and fee share!