Kwikswap to release LP yield farming on ETH and SHIDEN!

What is Yield Farming?

Yield Farming is a decentralized finance tool that allows a user to earn interest for holding & staking tokens — such as $KWIK or $SDN. It’s also a great method for Protocols such as Kwikswap, to encourage its community and new users to provide more “liquidity”.

Farming KWIK/ETH example

In this example, Kwikswap will offer its native $KWIK tokens as an added incentive to users who provide Liquidity with any of the pairs listed below on not only ETHEREUM but also SHIDEN Network shortly.

The 4 Step Process of yield farming

There are four steps to successfully yield farm via Kwikswap’s Farm (scroll down below to find a more detailed guide on how to perform each of these four steps):

  1. Stake acquired KWIK-LP tokens to the Farm for KWIK/Wrapped ETH (WETH) to earn rewards in $KWIK tokens.
  2. Harvest to claim your rewards.
  3. Unstake your KWIK and ETH from the liquidity pool to stop yield farming and claim back your staked tokens.

Video Walkthrough

Watch this walkthrough video for instructions or read the step-by-step guide below. (demo video coming soon)

How to Provide Liquidity in the KWIK/ETH pool:

  1. Go to and connect via MetaMask for this walk through.
Confirm the transaction once a prompt from MetaMask appears.

How to Stake in the KWIK/WETH Farm:

  • Once you have your KWIK LP tokens, head to the Farm page and then click on the KWIK/WETH Farm. Your KWIK LP token wallet balance will be displayed above the “Stake” field. Select MAX to stake all your available KWIK LP tokens. (please note — we are staking more than the above example of pool tokens (485.50 KWIK LP tokens)

How to Harvest your KWIK rewards:

  • Click “Harvest” to claim the current rewards owed to you in the farm page, then confirm the transaction via MetaMask. You can skip this step if you plan to remove all your tokens, as rewards will be automatically harvested when you “Unstake” (which can also assist in gas fees savings).



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