Kwikswap Protocol Developer Blog — Episode 2

3 min readJul 12, 2021


Every week we will now feature updates from our dev team to showcase our weekly activity and progress. Be sure to follow us through our new roadmap and discover each milestone as we work towards them and deploy!

1/ The dev team are currently finalising integration with Acala Mandela Testnet, wallet integration has now been completed, finalising smart contract changes for a smoother user experience.

1.1/ Polkadot.js wallet integration has been successfully tested and completed. Working with the Acala dev team to make it live ASAP for our valued clients.

2/ The dev team are finishing off work to our all new BEP-20 token sender and claimer that will be used for our Kwikstarter projects and some future native token airdrops. Users will receive the tokens immediately and can also claim their vested tokens.

2.1/ Our Kwikswap BEP-20 token claimer & multi sender is now ready for use. Users can experience the product at

3/ An airdrop is being worked out for Kwikswap holders to pay out accumulated staked Kwikswap outside of the Kwikstarter staking pool.

3.1/ We will take a snapshot at the end of July and then airdrop or make available via claimer.

4/ We are 45% complete in development for the second iteration to Kwikstarter IDO Launchpad! Any guesses for which blockchain it is using? Our users are definitely going to love the blockchain & it’s promising feature set.

4.1/ We’ve started implementing the design and development phase. Kwikstarter V2 is using NEXT.js/Node.js/Solidity as a stack of development framework. The design and development phase will most likely be completed this week.

5/ A new UI will be implemented within the next few days for our Ethereum Kwikswap mainnet DEX, it will be more futuristic and advanced UI for better UX.

5.1/ Kwikswap Ethereum mainnet DEX UI is updated & live, users can experience what we believe to be a more attractive UI. If you want to suggest any Improvements in design please reach out to us on

6/ We are continuing our work with Reef and awaiting mainnet launch as we are with Astar (formerly Plasm)

6.1/ We will be launching as soon as possible on polkadot mainnet.

7/ We have assigned two of our devs to commence working on Polkasocial. (We hired for these positions so it doesn’t take away from our core Kwikswap dev team). We’re trying to be more and more decentralised with every new build we take on.

7.1/ We’re evaluating the design and development stacks to provide a cleaner and more defined use case for the platform to provide improved UX.

8/ We are currently working on a top secret liquidity program and will release details of this program and what it entails very soon.

8.1/ Still in progress.

9/ We have some other exciting features and platforms that we will be adding to the already growing Kwikswap stable of dapps. One of those new features will create farming and some really exciting additional functionality to our Kwikstarter IDO Launchpad, more on this in next weeks update.

9.1/ We’re in discussion to integrate beta testing for the farming in the Kwikswap Eco-system.




KwikSwap is a decentralised Protocol with layer 2 scaling for Swap, Adding Liquidity and Market Creation. Stake KSWAP for 12% APY and fee share!