Kwikstarter Pool Weight Explained

3 min readJun 18, 2021


Kwikstarter IDO Share Allocations

KWIK holders who wish to participate in upcoming IDOs will be required to stake their KWIK tokens to register for an upcoming sale. Once a KWIK staker completes a purchase, their KWIK will be locked in the staking pool for 30 days. Staking will be available directly on when it launches. The number of KWIK staked will determine the tier eligibility. For more information on our tier structure, please read our recent article HERE.

How Does the Pool Weight Affect My Allocation?

Pool weight represents the number of “shares” each eligible KWIK staker will be able to contribute to a presale. The individual pool weight of all qualified KWIK stakers is added up to give the total pool weight shares. The number of tokens to be sold in the IDO is then divided by the total number of pool weight shares to derive the allocation size of each pool weight share. Hence, the number of tokens per pool share can be derived following this formula:

(Total # of tokens to be sold at IDO)/(Sum(Tier pool weight x # of KWIK holders in that tier) for every Tier)

Let’s run through an example IDO scenario:

Sonic the Dingo Project launching on Kwikstarter wants to sell 1,000,000 tokens.

320 Grasshoppers have staked their required 1,000 KWIK each for 30 days for guaranteed allocation
Pool Weight (10)X(320 Grasshoppers)=
3200 Pool Shares

220 Falcon Ones have staked their required 2,000 KWIK each for 30 days for guaranteed allocation
Pool Weight (30x)X(220 Falcon Ones)=
6600 Pool Shares

56 Dragons have staked their required 5,000 KWIK each for 30 days for guaranteed allocation
Pool Weight (60x)X(56 Dragons)=
3360 Pool Shares

30 Falcon Heavys have staked their required 10,000 KWIK each for 30 days
Pool Weight (130x)X(30 Falcon Heavys =
3900 Pool Shares

24 Starships are hand selected by being top liquidity providers or wallet holders
Pool Weight (400x)X(24 Starships)=
9600 Pool Shares

6 Moonbases are hand selected by being top 10 KWIK wallet holders
Pool Weight (800x)X(6 Moonbases)=
4800 Pool Shares

The total number of pool shares for all tier members is 3200+6600+3360+3900+9600+4800=31460.

Therefore, the 1,000,000 tokens available in Sonic the Dingo’s sale would be divided by 31460 (1,000,000/31460=31.78) Each pool share equals 31.78 tokens.

Members of each tier will have the following allocations:

Token Allocations

Grasshopper: Pool Weight (10x) x (31.78 Pool Share)=317.86

Falcon One: Pool Weight (30x) x (31.78 Pool Share)=953.59

Dragon: Pool Weight (60x) x (31.78 Pool Share)=1907.18

Falcon Heavy: Pool Weight (130x) x (31.78 Pool Share) =4132.23

Starship: Pool Weight (400x) x (31.78 Pool Share)=12714.55

Moonbase: Pool Weight (800x) x (31.78 Pool Share)=25429.11




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